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Judr@p PC Support understands the importance of ensuring that the customer’s equipment is returned working as quickly as possible, we provide a repair service that will take a maximum of 5 working days but is usually within 2-3 working days [1].

Where spare parts need to be sourced, we will contact you to gain authorisation and will provide a new ETC (estimated time of completion) for delivery upon acceptance of our quotation for parts.


Judr@p PC Support offers a help desk that provides the initial logging of the customer call and any requests for updates or queries.

The help desk hours are

Requests for information can be made by email to support@judrap.com we will respond to these the same day within working hours.



Should you have any feedback about a quotation or service provided this can be made by telephone to one of our operators who will log the information or it can be sent to feedback@judrap.com. An investigation will take place and the results of the investigation will be communicated to you.


Data Security

We will treat data on customer's machines in utmost confidence. We will ensure that any drive containing data is returned to the user for safe disposal, or alternatively we shall wipe clean the drive and dispose of it for you.

Furthermore,  Judr@p PC Support are fully compliant with the EU GDPR, giving you peace of mind that all data will be handled and disposed of securely and in full compliance with the current regulations.









[1] Where spare parts are in stock and the customer does not need to be contacted for authorisation.