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In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, the part that information technology can play in driving your organisation’s success cannot be under estimated. 

A well designed and supported IT system can dramatically increase efficiency, competitiveness, productivity and, ultimately, profitability. 

Selecting an IT partner who has the necessary experience, resource and commitment to help make it happen, can be the decisive factor. 


 What sets us apart in our approach

We are committed to building lasting relationships and focus on maintaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ challenges and ambitions. 

Adopting this approach enables us to take a proactive role in the introduction of IT strategies and solutions to help them address their challenges, achieve their ambitions and their desired return on investment. 

In essence, be a true partner. 



What we offer our business clients:  

Networks setup and maintained

We offer all types of network solutions for small and medium sized businesses to enable your business to stay ahead of the competition with the minimum of distraction from your objectives.


Out of business hours support

How many companies are there that as soon as the clock reaches

Judr@p PC Support understand that businesses operate more and more out of these hours today and we therefore offer telephone or email support out of these hours. [2]


Maintenance contracts

The most effective way a partnership can operate is with the minimum of hassle and interruption to your day to day course of events. 

With this in mind we prefer our business clients to take out a maintenance contract with Judr@p PC Support so that you have the piece of mind that you can pick up the phone and we can have your details to hand and offer a quick and informed solution to your problem. 

We therefore offer a personal consultation to recommend and advise the client of any solutions to help the I.T of their business operate smoothly and efficiently.


Data recovery and backups

Every business has valuable and important data on the systems and Judr@p PC Support recognise that prevention is a better remedy than cure. 

We offer a customized solution to your backup needs so that you know that even when the office is closed your data is safely backed up in duplicate.

Should the worst case scenario happen and you find you have experienced a Hard Drive failure or system crash we shall recover your data and recommend the best action to take to prevent this occurring in the future.


Free pickup and dropoff facility

If you would prefer work done on your hardware away from your environment then Judr@p PC Support offer a free pick up and drop off facility from your office at a convenient time to suit you.





[2] An additional out of hours rate may apply to the standard charge. Please ask for a tailored quote.