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Sandra Walker

Positive: Responsiveness

Friendlyand efficient. Helpful and supportive. Quick turnaround on servicing.



Mark Smith

Positive: Professionalism, quality

Excellent service and a guy who knows computers backwards.

Don't struggle, give Julian a call.

Quality is remembered when price is forgotten. Pay cheap twice!

Janet Briggs


Positive: Professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value


Julian has been looking after us for many years and I can recommend him without reservation.


He is knowledgable, reliable, professional and personable.


He has just serviced our computer and his work is first class.



DotComSecrets Birmingham

Positive: Friendly and trustworthy

My PC was not actually fixed, but that was because it would have cost alot more to fix than it was worth and for an extra £100 I could buy a new one that would have been alot more powerful anyway.

Judr@p advised me of this rather than taking £300 from me, which they could have if they wanted.

Thanks for your honesty.